Q:Why advertise on the Internet?

A: For two reasons. Firstly its extremely cheap; for the price of one small ad in a weekly provincial newspaper with a circulation of around 50,000 ( which gets read once and is then thrown away) , you can advertise for ONE WHOLE MONTH, with a potential to reach up to around half the population of the UK. Thats about 30 Million people! Secondly; at any time during the advertising contract with ourselves, you may change the artwork on your advert at no extra cost, subject to supplying the relevant files to us. Thereby keeping your advert fresh, exciting and interesting. ( See our Terms and Conditions).

We have included extracts of various reports into Internet usage for your information. Please see below.

The future of online shopping looks rosy. Last year, almost half of Internet users, or close to nine million people made an online purchase. What's more, surfers appear keen to make the most of the growing range of items now available on the 'net. The average online shopper purchased between two and three different types of product online last year.

Add to this the fact that surfers have shown significantly more interest in retail sites this year (more than one in five now visit these frequently) and at the same time are less concerned about using credit cards online and the outlook looks pretty positive.

Which Online Report 2002.


The number of internet users in the UK has continued to rocket with a further 5 million people joining the online population in the last year, despite the lingering effects of the dotcom crash,

According to new figures, the trend is being repeated around the world.

In the UK the number of regular home web users has risen from just over 11 million to 16.5 million in the past year.

The total number of people with internet connections has risen by a third to around 30 million - almost half the population.

Internet users are also spending longer than ever before on the web, fuelled by flat-rate monthly tariffs. The average user spends half an hour longer online per month than they did at the same time last year.

The trend is likely to continue as broadband access becomes more prevalent. The high speed service is "always on" and requires users to pay a flat subscription fee for "all you can eat" access.

Owen Gibson

Guardian Unlimited
Tuesday June 11, 2002