Konjac, conjac, konnyaku, yam flour, or glucomannan.
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Very popular in Japan as a cooking supplement for soups and stew-like dishes, once cooked, The tuber like plant is reduced to a substance somewhat stiffer than gelatin. The resultant material is pressed into blocks and sold like tofu in the grocery stores.

The main substance in konjac is called glucomannan which has a low calorie content but is rich in dietary fibre. Clinical studies indicate that konjac may be responsible for weight reduction and reducing cholesterol in those who have high cholesterol levels.

In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings about certain confectionary products (jelly type sweets) containing konjac. The Consumer Product Safety Commission staff and the Food and Drug Administration consider this type of confectionary to pose a serious choking risk, particularly to infants, children and the elderly.

May be found in yoghurt, ice cream, cream cheese, non dairy creamers and confectionary (sweets).