E 435

Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate, polysorbate 60, tween 60.

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Polyoxyethylene-(20)- sorbitan monostearate and its close relatives, POLYSORBATE 65 and 80, work the same way as mono- and diglycerides, but smaller amounts are required to achieve the same result. They help prevent baked goods from going stale, keep dill oil dissolved in bottled dill pickles, help coffee whiteners dissolve in coffee, and prevent oil from separating out of artificial whipped cream.

An emulsifier and thickener found in bakery products, frozen desserts, imitation dairy products, emulsified sauces and soups.

Other uses include products such as creams, lotions, pomades, sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners, skin protection creams, salves, pharmaceutical ointments, and other emulsions.

Very large quantities can cause flatulence, diarrhoea and abdominal distension.