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Buy tapas - From Iberian Foods

Buy tapas - From Iberian Foods Tapas suppliers

Buy tapas - From Iberian FoodsTapas suppliers. Tapas were invented in Andalucia. The word means "cover." In Andalusian wine-making regions, a saucer is customarily placed to cover a glass of wine in order to keep the little fruit flies from swarming in. A tidbit of food placed on the dish helped attract clients to the wine bar, so the cook--usually the owner's wife--would out-do herself to make more and better ones.

Tapas recipes vary according to the taste and gastronomic traditions of each region. But the tapas most often served are usually those including the many variety of olives, dry nuts, as well as many kinds of cold cuts. Nowadays, the tapa includes many other recipes for appetisers. In the Middle Ages and during periods of economic hardship, those courses were supplemented with bread. However, today, those courses are included in the tapas world. Tapas recipes use a wide variety of animal-derived products, such as meat, fish and eggs and agricultural products such as vegetables.


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