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Buy Spanish chorizo

Buy Spanish chorizo UK - From Iberian Foods chorizo suppliers.

Buy Spanish chorizoChorizo suppliers. Every home in Spain has at least one or two of the hundreds of varieties of chorizo. Spanish chorizo, often referred to as embutidos, come in many varieties, thick and thin, plain or smoked, some containing lean meat to be served for tapas, or with more fat to flavour stews and grilled dishes. Many of the chorizos are deep red in colour because they contain pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika). Not only does pimenton lend colour and seasoning, but its oils make the chorizo last longer without refrigeration - indeed these products have been made for centuiries prior to the invention of the fridge.

Depending on the use of the finished product, lean and fat pork is chopped up in varying proportions. Garlic, salt, herbs and other seasonings are then added, perhaps with a little white wine to speed the natural fermentation process. The cured and seasoned meat is stuffed into skins either by hand or more often now using a sausage machine. Finally, they are then tied and hung up to dry. In the wetter climate of northern Spain, they are sometimes pre-smoked for further preservation.


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