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Buy serrano ham uk

Buy Serrano Ham - From Iberian Foods serrano ham suppliers

Spanish food suppliers UK Serrano ham suppliers. Serrano ham is the hind leg of the white pig, obtained under proper slaughtering and butchery conditions and subjected to a process of salting/drying and curing under strictly controlled conditions .
The result is a stable meat product with exceptional taste and nutritional qualities. Jamón Serrano is one of the cornerstones of Spanish gastronomy. It is Spain’s most outstanding meat product, not only because of its high levels of consumption and deep-rooted tradition but also because of its high quality. The word "serrano " in Spanish refers to the sierra, or mountains. Jamón Serrano is traditionally produced in mountainous environments where the air is clean, the moisture levels just right and the winters very cold. These are the traditional requirements for curing.

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