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Buy Salt Cod UK- From Iberian Foods

Buy Salt Cod UK - From Iberian Foods salt cod suppliers.

Buy Salt Cod UK- From Iberian FoodsSalt cod suppliers. For centuries, curing with salt was one of the only methods of preserving fish for long-distance shipping. Since the time of the Vikings, salted and dried cod from the North Atlantic has been shipped around the world, with a large share going to the Mediterranean countries. Because it could last for months or even years without spoiling, salt cod became, and remains, a popular food in inland areas of Spain, Portugal, southern France, and Italy.

Salt cod is available all year, especially at well-stocked delis and other stores catering to southern Europeans. It's also available in many supermarkets, especially during Lent and to a lesser degree during the Christmas season. The Lenten connection is obvious; but where Roman Catholic traditions are strongest, meat is also forbidden on Christmas Eve, so seafood figures prominently in the meal served before the midnight Mass. The Provencal souper maigre for Christmas Eve typically includes a dish of snails or salt cod in an otherwise vegetarian meal. Even among those families who do not eschew meat for religious reasons, a fish dish is likely to precede the roast in a Christmas dinner.

Once upon a time salt cod was cheap, but not any more. Most of the world supply is caught in the north Atlantic ocean, mainly off New England, Canada, and Iceland. However, decades of overfishing have brought the Atlantic cod stocks near to collapse, and it may take many years for them to recover. Some processors have switched to the still relatively abundant Pacific cod, but prices for salt cod, which have risen three to fourfold over the last two decades, are likely to remain high.


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