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Food news June 2013

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UNITED KINGDOM – June 05 2013 - Benecol Yogurt Drink Recalled.
Johnson & Johnson Ltd has recalled several batches of Benecol® Peach & Apricot Yogurt Drink on a precautionary basis, because of possible yeast fermentation. If you have bought this product, please do not drink it.

Benecol® Peach & Apricot Yogurt Drink

‘Use by’ date 9 June 2013 / Lot number L9.06.13

‘Use by’ date 13 June 2013 / Lot number L13.06.13

‘Use by’ date 14 June 13 / Lot number L14.06.13

The ‘use by’ date and lot number can be found on top of the outer cardboard wrapping and on the lid.

Johnson & Johnson Ltd has recalled the above products have contacted their retailers to remove the product from sale. A product recall notice will be placed on the Benecol® website, explaining to customers why the product has been recalled.

If you have bought the above product, please do not drink it. Instead, contact the Customer Careline number for a full refund:
Tel: 0800-0184010, Monday to Fridays, 9am – 5pm.
Source: HACCP

UNITED KINGDOM – June 05 2013 - Majestic Recalls Chablis Jean Bourguignon 2011.
Majestic Wine Warehouse Ltd is recalling a specific lot number of Chablis Jean Bourguignon 2011, because some of the bottles have been found to contain high levels of sulphites, which could pose a health risk.

Chablis Jean Bourguignon 2011

Lot number LA64526 – This lot number is clearly printed on the yellow screw-cap of the bottle.

No other Majestic Wine Warehouse Ltd products are affected.

Majestic Wine Warehouse Ltd has recalled the above product. The company has sent recall notices to customers by email and post, which explain why the product is being recalled and the actions customers should take if they have bought the above product.

If you have bought the above product, please do not drink it. Instead, return it to your nearest Majestic store for a full refund. Alternatively, if you would like the company to collect the wine, please contact the Majestic Head Office on 0845 605 6767.
Source: HACCP

IRELAND – June 05 2013 - Recall of a Batch of Kari Smoked Mackerel.
The implicated batch of Kari smoked mackerel is being recalled from consumers due to the detection of Listeria monocytogenes in a sample tested in Poland. The batch was sold nationwide, mainly in Eastern European supermarkets. Shops which have sold this batch must display a point-of-sale notice advising customers not to consume the implicated batch.

Kari Smoked Mackerel (Makrela wedzona), in chilled vacuum packs. (Approval number: PL 02071801 EC)

Batch Code: 130 AV; use by 08.06.2013
Source: HACCP

UNITED KINGDOM – June 03 2013 - Marasu’s Petit Fours.
Marasu’s Petit Fours Limited is withdrawing several batch codes of Harrods Chocolatier Dark Chocolate because the product contains soya, which is not mentioned on the label. This makes the product a possible health risk for those who are allergic to soya.

The company has withdrawn the above product from sale and has contacted the relevant allergy support organisations, which will tell their members about the withdrawal. If you have bought the above product and have an allergy to soya, please do not to eat it. Instead return it to the store where you bought it. No other Marasu’s Petit Fours Limited/Harrods products are known to be affected.

Harrods Chocolatier Dark Chocolate (67% Cocoa Couverture Chocolate), 70g bar

Batch codes: 025001, 087001, 258001, 272001, 334001, 362001
Source: HACCP